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Glossary of Indian Words and Phrases for Fear Factor Terror Incognito

  • aarpo eiyyo swami sharnam: exclamation of rejoicing, equivalent of hip hip hurray
  • Abu: father
  • ab yahan koi nahin koi nahin ayehganow: no one, no one will come here
  • agnipariksha: trial by fire
  • almirah: cupboard

  • Ammee: Mother

  • anars, chhatris, chakris, mahtabs: kinds of fireworks for Diwali

  • Arre Bhai: oh mister

  • ashram: hermitage

  • avatar: incarnation

  • ayee: exclamation of disgust, pain

  • Bakri Id: Muslim festival commemorating the birth of the Prophet

  • baksheesh: tip

  • baraat: wedding party/procession

  • baraat ke raaste se hat, suar ke bacche: get out of the way of the wedding procession, son of a pig

  • Arre Bhai:

  • baraati: wedding guest

  • basti: settlement

  • bayteh: son

  • bhai: brother

  • bhaji: vegetable

  • bukhari: large coal heater for the home

  • chakris: names for different kinds of fireworks for Diwali

  • charkhi: spinning wheel

  • charpai: bed, with four posts/legs

  • chhatris: names for different kinds of fireworks for Diwali

  • chinar: a tree, native to Kashmir. State Emblem

  • Darshan: sighting of the Lord, vision

  • Dashera: festival marking the killing of Ravana by Lord Rama

  • dhobi:bsp;washerman

  • dhoti:

  • diwali: festival of lights marking the return of Rama from his fourteen year exile

  • firan, pheran: loose outer woollen garment worn in Kashmir over other clothes

  • Ganpati Bappa: reference to Lord Ganesh, the elephant-headed god

  • gulli-danda: native street game with sticks

  • guru: teacher

  • Halal walal: meat cut the way Muslims have it, slow slaughter

  • halwa: sweet dish made from flour, rarefied butter, sugar and water

  • Homam: ritual of sacrifice made to the fire god

  • Kahwa: green tea of Kashmir with cinnamon and cardamom, usually with almonds diced

  • kajal: kohl

  • kangri: a small clay oven set in wicker with a handle for easy carrying. For warming hands

  • Kathas: stories - here, reference to the reading of the scriptures

  • Khauf: dread, fear

  • Kavadi: ritual in honour of Lord Murugan

  • khala: aunt

  • khichri: rice and lentil cooked with condiments to make composite meal

  • Kshatriya: one belonging to the warrior caste. Reference to one of the four castes of the Hindus

  • kurta: Upper garment, long shirt

  • lakh rupees: 100,000 rupees

  • maaderchod: mother-****er, curse word

  • mahtabs: names for different kinds of fireworks for Diwali

  • maidan: ground

  • mantras: ritual chants

  • Maratha: the native race from Maharashtra

  • masala tea: tea with spices

  • Mattham: holy place

  • maya: illusion

  • misri: crystal sugar

  • mogra-adorned: adorned by a delicate sweet smelling small white flower

  • moong-dal halwa: sweet made from lentil, rarefied butter, sugar and water

  • Mussalman: Muslim

  • mussalman basti: settlement of Muslims

  • mussalman mohalla: Muslim neighbourhood

  • nana: maternal grandfather

  • Nawabs: Muslim Nobles

  • odhni: length of cloth to cover head and face, generally the upper part of the body

  • parwal: Trichosanthes dioica, also known as the pointed gourd (from Hindi),a vine plant, the fruits are green either plain green or with white stripes.

  • pheran: variant spelling of firan

  • police-wallahs: policemen

  • pooja-paaths: rituals of worship

  • Puja: worship

  • pundit: priest

  • purdah: veil

  • ragi: millet

  • Ram rajya: utopia. Specifically the reign of Lord Rama

  • roti-rolls: Indian bread with meat or vegetable rolled in it

  • saala: wife's brother, used as derogatory term, curse

  • sahibs: master class

  • salwar: lower garment, trousers with a drawstring

  • sanjivini: plant for rejuvenation, new life, resurrection

  • shabbebarat: reception of wedding party

  • shakha: branch

  • Shivratri: the festival commemorating the birth of Shiva

  • Shloka: holy verse, verse from the scriptures

  • teen-patti: game of cards played with three cards, gambling

  • thana: police station

  • vanaprastha: exile in forest

  • Vibhooti: sacred ash

  • yaar: friend

  • Yadav: one belonging to the Yadav caste, a lower caste in the hierarchy than the Brahmins and the Kshatriyas

  • Current at time of publishing.
    May 2010