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The Game of Poems

The Game of Poems. Nr.1123. Salem, Mass./USA: Parker Brothers Inc. 1898. 52 Bl.

A: USA Longfellow: Evangeline, Paul Revere's Ride, The Bridge Whittier: Maud Muller, Barbara Frietchie, Thr Robin C.Bryant: Song, Thanatopsis, Death of the Flowers E.Field: Little Blue Pigeon, Little Boy Blue, Lullabye - By the Sea Crowncard: J.R.Drake: The American Flag
B: Irland Th.Moore: Tis the Last Rose of Summer, The Fire Worshippers, Meeting of the Waters Th.Davis: The Sack of Baltimore, Battle of Fontenoy, The Boatman of Kinsale S.Lover: Carolan and Bridget Cruise, The Angel's Whisper, The Pilgrim Harper Ferguson: Lament for Timoleague, Pastheen Fion, The Fairy Thorn Crowncard: Dr.Brennan: Erin
C: England Th.Mood: Ode to the Printer's Devil, The Song of the Shirt, The Bridge of Sighs Tennyson: The May Queen, Cannon of the Light Brigade, The Sleeping Beauty L.Byron: Battle of Waterloo, The Destruction of Sennacherib, Vision of Belshazzar Th.Gray: A Stray Gem, Ode, Elegy Crowncard: J.Thomson: Rule, Britannia
D: Scotland R.Burns: Auld Lang Syne, John Anderson My Jo, Highland Mary Scott: Melrose Abbey as it is, The Lay of the Last Minstrel, Lochinvar Th.Campbell: The Pleasures of Hope, The Soldier's Dream, Hohenlinden R.Tannahill: The Braes o' Gleniffer, The Lass o' Arranteenie, The Harper of Mull Crowncard: James Hogg: Caledonia

Bei dem vorliegenden Spiel kann es sich um eine Nachauflage handeln.

Mitgeteilt von Ernst Krumbein.