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Fireside Authors. Nr. 1119.  Cincinnati: Fireside Game Co. 1897, 56 Bl., 88x63 mm

A - W.Shakespeare - Hamlet/Julius Caesar/The Merchant of Venice/Romeo and Juliet
B - Robert Burns - Auld Lang Syne/Highland Mary/Tam O'Shanter/The Cotter's Saturday Night
C - Sir Walter Scott - Ivanhoe/Kenilworth/The Lady of the Lake/Marmion
D - Charles Dickens - Oliver Twist/Pickwick Papers/Nicholas Nickleby/David Copperfield
E - Ralph Waldo Emerson - Brahma/The Problem/Wood Notes/Essay on Nature
F - George du Maurier - The Martian/Short Stories/Trilby/Peter Ibbetson
G - John Greenleaf Whittier - Snow Bound/Laus Deo/Maud Muller/Poems on Slavery
H - Nathaniel Hawthorne - The Marble Faun/The Scarlet Letter/Dr.Grimshave's Secret/Twice Told Tales
I - Oliver Wendell Holmes - Chambered Nautilus/The Wonderful 'One-Hoss Shay."/The Autocrat of the
     Breakfast Table/Old Ironsides
J - James Russel Lowell - The Vision of Sir Launfall/The Biglow Papers/Among My Books/New Fortunes/
     A Fable for Critics
K -William Dean Howells - A Chance Acquaintance/The Rise of Silas Lapham/A Hazard of
      The Landlord at Lion's Head
L - Henry W.Longfellow - The Building of the Ship/Tales of Wayside Inn/Evangeline/The Psalm of Life
M -WM.Makepeace Thackeray - Pendennis/Vanity Fair/The Virginians/The Newcomes
N - Lord Tennyson - Maud/In Memoriam/Locksley Hall/The Lady of Shalott

Mitgeteilt von Ernst Krumbein.