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Robert Boone has led a unique life as a teacher. His teaching experiences began as an elementary school teacher on Staten Island, New York and currently continue in Chicago where he runs a program called Young Chicago authors, a program for talented young writers. Over 200 high school students have been through YCA's scholarship program, receiving nearly a million dollars in scholarships. He has spent most of his life in classrooms, teaching every type of student from affluent suburban kids to disadvantaged public housing students. He also runs a test preparatory center in one of Chicago's northern suburbs. Mr. Boone has studied teaching at The University of Wisconsin, Columbia Teacher's College and Northwestern University. He has written extensively about education and test preparation and has several textbooks to his credit. He has also written about sports and athletics including Hack, a biography of legendary baseball player, Hack Wilson. He was recently named "Chicagoan of the Year" by Chicago Magazine. Inside Job is a highly enlightening and entertaining story of his education as a teacher. It began essentially when he walked in front of his first class of fifth grade students at Staten Island Academy, and continued on through Frankfort, Germany and inner city Chicago. It eventually led him to the life a "free-lance teacher" and the founder of a social service agency dedicated to self-expression and literacy among Chicago's youth. It reveals the experience of becoming a teacher.


"Timely, instructive, and inspirational, Inside Job provides a rich landscape to view the messiness, complexity, and joy of teaching as a transformative process. Bob Boone is a masterful storyteller whose compelling narrative captures the essence of what good teaching is about – engaging the mind and connecting with the heart."
Dick Streedain
Professor of Educational Leadership Studies
National Lewis University

"Bob Boone's Inside Job is an engaging, immensely readable, inspiring personal account of a lifetime committed to teaching and a love of writing. His memoir reads like a good novel. Moving and entertaining, it also conveys the principles and practicalities by which education and community are achieved. It's the sort of book that, while looking squarely at the difficulties and challenges that parents, teachers, and students face, makes one feel better about life."
Tom Jenks
Editor (with Raymond Carver) of American Short Story Masterpieces

"Anyone interested in the field of education should learn much from this candid, captivating, and insightful story of one teacher’s evolution."
Christopher Edgar
Publications Director
Teachers and Writers

"Bob Boone's journey from novice to veteran is honest, funny, enlightening, and important in what it tells us about education in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. The reader winces at Boone's mistakes and cheers when he gets it right, which is usually when he listens to the students and gives them space to learn."
S.L. Wisenberg
Author of Holocaust Girls: History, Memory and Other Obsessions


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Read a review from The Chicago Tribune

INSIDE JOB: A Life of Teaching

By Robert Boone

Perfect Bound, 269 pages, 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches
Published by The Puddin'head Press, 2003


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By Robert Boone & Gerald Grunska

On April 26, 1900, Hack Wilson was born in the western Pennsylvania steel town of Ellwood City.
From these inconspicuous beginnings he rose to share headlines with Babe Ruth and Rogers Hornsby.

At the height of his baseball career he produced two batting records that have never been surpassed.
At the same time his style of play and personality made him one of the most colorful figures in Chicago
in the 1920's. On November 23, 1948 Wilson died alone in Baltimore, a victim of declining skills,
self-destructive appetites, and forgetful friends. The meteoric path of an athlete starting at the bottom,
soaring to the top and plunging to the bottom is a path that has been traced by others.
But few have burned as briefly or brightly as Hack Wilson.
Hardcover, 1978, 150 pages, w. photographs.

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