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Lake Michigan Scrolls by John Dickson  

Lake Michigan Scrolls
By John Dickson

John Dickson published over five hundred poems
and short stories in numerous magazines, anthologies
and poetry collections. He was one of the best known
and most respected poets in Illinois. His poetry is
always surprising, creating portraits and observations
on life, both ordinary and extraordinary. Lake Michigan
was his fourth and final book.

Praise for John Dickson's work

Some poetry lifts the hairs on your arm, some settles in your soul, some awakens you to the realization that you have been where the poet lived. John Dickson's work does all of this and more. From the riverbed to the Starlight Lounge, John Dickson captures creatures with compassion, sketches humankind with humor, and delineates the pathos of poets seeking the words, Words, I would add, that John always finds, and sets down for our enjoyment.

                    Carol Anderson - Author of Ordinary

It's no coincidence that John Dickson is everyone's favorite Chicago poet. He writes the kind of poems we all wish we had. I salute John Dickson in the middle of a celebrated career.

                    Effie Mihopoulos - Author of Mooncycle and Languid Love Lyrics

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Lake Michigan Scrolls by John Dickson

Lake Michigan Scrolls
Perfect Bound, 99 pages, Published by The Puddin'head Press
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, 2002
ISBN# 0-9724339-0-2

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