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Imaging Center

Imaging Center
Sandy Goldsmith

Praise for Imaging Center

Sandy Goldsmith's poems explore images of childhood and loss, illness and recovery, journey and revelation. There is an honesty here, mirrored in unexpected insights unnerving or joyous which challenge us to join this poet in her experiences and center on truths that also reflect our own.
            Tom Roby
            President, Poets' Club of Chicago

In Imaging Center the privileged reader obtains X-ray vision into the soul of a woman with sensibilities both commonplace and astoundingly beautiful. At once tender and perceptive, wounded and vulnerable, the persona strips off all pretense to reveal bare-bones of feeling. The trappings of prosperity are given texture by the suffering of ancestors, and the menace of disease is enhanced by recollections of a mother's ordeal. Images layer, entwine, and overlap to render viable the breadth of womanhood in all its complex and interdependent aspects. This is a profoundly astute and healing collection of poems.
            Maureen Tolman Flannery
            Author of Ancestors In The Landscape
            Editor of Knowing Stones

In the seeds we grow from are the seeds of our death. In the shadows between the images of our bone and flesh are our dreams and those things that make us grow beyond ourselves. This is a magnificent book, an imaging center that takes one from the stone cold precision of the cancer ward where X-ray machines view the most hidden details of a woman's body to the associative nonlinear musical imagery that transcends life and yet illuminates how individual and unique we each are, and with what hidden depths that cannot be probed without our will. This is a book to fall in love beside.
            Jared Smith
            Author of Lake Michigan and Other Poems
            and Where Images Become Imbued With Time.

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Imaging Center

By Sandy Goldsmith
Perfect Bound, 51 pages, Published by The Puddin'head Press
5.5 x 8.5 inches, 2007
ISBN# 978-0-9724339-7-6

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