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Controlled By Ghosts

by Ghosts

Jared Smith and Lem Roby

One of the best collections of poetry and music ever. The melodic voice of Jared Smith combines wonderfully with the music of Lem Roby, a long time veteran of poetry and musical performance. Lem Roby plays backup music with his father Tom Roby in a group called Omniphonic. He reveals his expertise in this CD.

The measured meter of Jared Smith's voice and his ability to make it go exactly where he wants it to go makes him one of the most stylish performers. In this CD you can experience both his mastery of words and mastery of performance.

And get to hear some good music.

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Controlled By Ghosts
By Jared Smith and Lem Roby
9 tracks, Recorded at Practical Music Studio
A Practical Poetry Production

To order a copy of this CD, please call 888-BOOKS-98.
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