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Hello, my name is Amber and I am 25 years old,Welcome to my Poetry Place! On my site you will see poems I wrote + friends poems, links to other people's poems who I know and don't know, song lyrics that mean a lot in my life! Please ask if you want to take any poems. Have fun looking around, hope you like what you see! Also,if anybody wants feel free to E-Mail me at

These poems on this page are all written by me!



I want to tell you how I feel, but I canít! You are scared the way you feel, because you know we both feel the same way. Life is short, people need to take chances in Life to see if the person you Love is the Soul Mate for you! I know you have been hurt before, so have I. Life is full of heartache and happiness, you have to take the good with the bad. Donít let your heartache take away your Love and happiness! Donít let life pass you by wishing you could have told your true feelings! I know you donít think you could get hurt again, neither do I. Life is a challenge and so beautiful, donít regret taking a chance that might last a lifetime!

My Love

You seem to be all I think about, why canít we be together? I need you more then you know, and I know you need me to! We both went though hard times in our past relationships, but we could work on it together. You are the one for me, I have this feeling with you that I have never had with anyone else in my life! I just hope that in the future we will be together and love each other for the rest of our lives. If we were together there would be no one else for me, but you! I feel that it is our Destiny for us to be soul mates and for us to be together Always!

For Me

I thought you were meant for me! I thought God put you on this Earth for me. I was wrong, you were not meant for me. When I met you, you were the perfect guy, who I Thought would be for me! I was wrong, your not sent from up above For Me!


I see you and my Heart starts pounding, I get goose bumps, my stomach feels like butterflyís are in it and I lose my breath when I see your gorgeous face! Why do I feel this way? I canít control my feelings for you, I wish one day we are meant for each other! I want to tell you how I feel, but my heart canít get hurt anymore. I love you so much, as a Best Friend and so much more! My Love for you is so strong and true! I need you here with me Always and Forever, I just wish you could see that. You are the first thing on my mind when I wake and the last thing on my mind when I go to sleep. I just wish that I knew how to tell you the feelings I have for you? I want to tell you, but I canít!

To Fall In Love

To fall in love is one of the most precious things that could ever happen! The feeling you get, you know the one you canít describe! The way you feel when you see the person in the room, you canít seem to live without that person and they are always on your mind. You hope that they are thinking about you to and are just in Love with you as you are of them! Without love, you will not experience all things of how Beautiful youíre life can truly be!


Life can be complicated, Life can be hard! Life is the most sweetest thing you could ever have! Life gives you obstacles that you can get through as long as you believe! Life can make you fall in Love!

Last Kiss

One last kiss, thatís all he gave me, no promises of a future. The words ďI Miss YouĒ were the last words he said to me! He left my side and my Heart broke, promising we will keep in touch and never lose part of each other. I thought we could be each otherís future, but fate wonít let it be. The Kiss, that special moment the two of us will share Forever! The Kiss was so passionate, so romantic and so beautiful, my heart felt like it was beating right out of my chest. It was a split moment that I will always remember, Forever!!


My heart tells me yes, my mind tells me no! Do I need him in my life, yes or no? Does he love me like he says he does, or is he cheating on me? How do I find out? He tells me that he needs me in his life, and he canít see himself with anybody else! What decision do I make? Do I take my chances and find out if I get hurt again, or do I leave him and try to find someone new, what decision do I make? My heart tells me to stay with him because I Love Him and he is my first true love. My mind tells me I got hurt one to many times, what decision do I make?