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What a wonderful book!! Pat McLean is truly gifted. Her book makes you think and touches your heart and I definitely had a range of emotions reading it.
Joanne Rabba


I thoroughly enjoyed Pat McLean's book, Healing Her Hurts. It was a page turner. I couldn't put it down. The poignant short stories and poems really touched a special place in my heart. My favorite story was Burnt Sweet Potato Pie. She reminded me of my grandmother.
I can't wait until Pat's next book.
Karen Grayson


What a celebration! Healing Her Hurts is a blessing! The poems and stories invoke the entire range of emotions that the author said they would--I laughed, I cried, I remembered, I celebrated. At the end, I felt a sisterhood and a renewed sense of strength. The words allowed me to remind myself that I, too, have weathered many storms. Ms. McLean-RaShine's poems do exactly what they're supposed to do--hit hard and soothe gently. Iyanla Vanzant comes to mind when reading "When The Bell Rings" and "Star Bright." Any woman who has ever had difficulty dealing with the challenges of relationships--and who hasn't--will appreciate Healing Her Hurts. I applaud Ms. McLean for caring and sharing.
Debra A. Powell-Wright


Healing Her Hurts, may sound like something painful but underneath the stories of struggle arise strength, hope, humor and personal triumphs. Rashine shines!...as she cleverly mixes the prose of her short stories in with the power of poetic praises, to talented woman who came before her, and for those she will inspire to write. Poetic empowerment and tributes to African American woman makes this a wonderful read and a celebration of life and love! It spoke to my soul and heart.
Oni Lasana


I enjoyed reading Healing Her Hurts. The short stories were very good. Each one set a different scene for me in a different frame of mind. In my minds eye, I was there in each room-I was drowing my sorrows at the bar that night trying to forget, I was at the Uptown Theater far removed from when I was back stage with the girls undressing to dance for a way wayward lover. I was popping dude in the head for whining about the burnt pies:-). I particually enjoyed the husband and wife that casually "met" on a rainy summers evening. So romantically intriguing.
I must say that Pat brought it all to the table and each word nourished a part of me.
Dee Dooley


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Healing Her Hurts