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Brick Pile Photo

a dust blown miner leant on a stack of bricks

and stubbed his cigarette on a spotted yellow brick

that was hauled by horses up the mountain

after throwing it to a bundle of fifty star pickets

it bounced off one and spun a twist

soon they were all planted in this old volcano

open ground leads to a boiler and a huge coil of wire

under the cross beamed flying-fox tower

eighty years later I dumped my nylon walking pack

by a half-buried thick metal spring

where the star pickets lay grows an ageing tree fern

and the bare ground is now covered with fallen leaves

I'm sitting against one of the huge gum trees

that sprung from the ground half a century ago

with a view of a tangled green wall

a furry brown bark and a straight bole

leading to the cream-top branchlets and narrow leaves

of the sprinting opportunist called The Brown Barrel

booming tall in this quiet and sunny ground

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