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Some very good INFORMATION about the Nuclearism & Poverty of New Mexico from the Los Alamos Study Group.
Why is the Poverty Rate So High in New Mexico?
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W'ssup w/ POVERTY in our home state?
First, some statistics and data on the issue. Scroll down or click here for clues on WHY New Mexico has such discrepancies.

Against Hunger says: "More children live in poverty in New Mexico than any other state, according to the Kids Count Data Book. The study said that approximately 132,000 children -- more than 25 percent -- live at or near the poverty level. The study deems poverty as a family of four with earnings around $26,000 per year. New Mexico was ranked among the five worst states to raise a child." (The national average is 17% of children at or near poverty level.)
More Statistics From:
The National Child Care Information Center (NCCIC) Federal Map Statistics
US Census Info
StateLine info
...and the says "A child or teen in New Mexico is killed by gunfire every week..." and furthermore: Each year child poverty in New Mexico ranks lowest, around 45th, 46th, 47th or 48th (out of the 50 states).

New Mexico Center on Law & Poverty
ALBUQUERQUE NM 87108 505-255-2840

And some of Father John Dear, SJ's thoughts on the matter.

A summary of why New Mexico has such discrepancies?

Some people think that capitalism works like a warped bell-curve in the classroom. The teacher dictates that some will be able to get the high grades, but only a few, and the masses will get low grades: Capitalism dictates that some will get more money than others, and others will get almost no money or goods. In the USA, the powers that be have done an outstanding job of offering "bread and circuses" to keep the masses just distracted or content enough to not feel the need for a revolution. We all know that the gap between the "haves" & "have-nots" has widened outrageously in the past generation. Power is increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few, and the masses have received just enough of the entertainment wealth and diversions to keep from being made aware that the "filthy rotten system" is truly so.

But why so much money for militarism and so little for the masses of New Mexicans? Don't the high amounts of military funds for nuclear projects and other "defense" purposes in NM mean that we'll get lots of jobs where our families can be fed superbly on the militarized national budget $$$ coming here?

No. Relatively few scientists and other laborers at the nuclear labs get the contract$ and the rest does not really trickle down.

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