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Who went Wrong

Who went Wrong

 Sharon Steege

I looked for a rainbow
but only found rain
I searched for joy
but only found pain.

I searched for a reason
but never knew why
I tried to smile
but wanted to cry.

I groped through the darkness
to try to find light
I took all the wrong turns
and thought I was right.

Then I stopped in my tracks
and looked all around
Just one step behind
was a friend I had found.

I had walked off and left him
I had stepped out of line
Yet He did not scold me
He was tender and kind.

His eyes held the rainbow
His voice held the joy
He had all the answers
I had ever looked for.

His word held the light 
His touch eased the pain
When his step matched mine
life was easy again.

By Sharon Steege

C@ 87


(I made the wrong turn, HE never forsakes us)




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