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When I  Go

When I  Go

Debi Fisher


I've lived a thousand days

And seen so many things

I've heard the wind that whistles

And the bird that sings


I've smelled the many flowers

And been in trouble too

Grew up  to be a woman

So now I share with you


Had to do some growing

And find out on my own

Married and raised my kids

And they are gone and grown


Dove into God's clear water

Saw things most people won't

Thanked Him for the time

Forget Him I just don't


So now I have progressed

And I'll be old and frail

But my boat will be set free

The wind inside my sail


So it's ok to cry

When it's time for me to go

But don't hold on to those tears

For I will surely know


I have a new adventure

And I'm still filled with love

When I go I can see

Watching you from above




Written by Debi Fisher




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