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All my Treasures Copyright Alice E

All my Treasures
 Alice E. Steimle 


If I could have just one moment in time
As I race with destiny
I'd gather all the jewels in my treasures
My Internet Angels and family

I need one moment in time
I'll gather pain and suffering and grief
If I could have one moment in time
For that it my belief

Lord, please grant me just a a second
Give me one moment in time
I'd gather them all in my treasure box
Dear Father, please let me shine

I know we all are tarnished
Our secrets are kept deep within
Although we bring comfort, and mostly love
We still have burdens of sin

We honor our Lord, and country
Yet, for one moment in time we pray
That we could make the world the way You want
The past, present and today

As I race once again to make graphics and learn HTML
Just give me one moment in time
When I can remember it all, Sweet Lord,
Then I'll know that I'll come home again free


Copyright Alice E. Steimle - 2003



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