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Rosie the Cat

Rosie the Cat

Norma Stevens




"OOh look out the window!"

"A precious cat. She is by the roses.

Come on in pretty cat" the Mother is saying.

"MMMMMM... let me do some thinking

about this" said the cat.

Oh well, might as well. I am lost -

and I am getting a little hungry, but first,

I must let the nice Mother think that I am hard to get."

 "Opps, Rover is bringing me in.

Thank you nice Rover said Rosie.

"OOH you pretty cat," said the Mother.

"I will name you Rosie

because I found you by the rose bushes .

Ahhh come on Rosie.

Come in .

""Rosie, mmmm I think that I may like that name.

 Not too bad.

Ok, I will go in" the cat said to itself .

Ahhh come on Rosie, and have some food.

 Here is a bed for you" the mother urged.

Ok, I will try the food this time

and maybe next time but.............

 I like certain foods at different times

and different ways.

As for beds

Let me see where I want to lay ?? said the cat.

Ahhh, noooo Rosie,don't jump on the bag.

It is in the middle of the night.

Ahhh, come on, Rosie, please stop.

"Gosh, all I wanted to do was have some fun."

Let me see,

 I think that I will sleep with my new mother

 as she has been good to me.

And do you know what.....

Ahhh Come On Rosie ... sounds so good."



by Norma Stevens


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