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Promise for You


Promise for You

Zoie Chason

I promise to give you the best of myself .

to you I ask of you no more

than you can give .

I promise to accept you

as you are


 I wont try to reshape you

in a different image.

I promise

to always respect you

as a person

 with your own interests ,


and needs.

 I am willing to realize

that those

are sometimes different

but no less important

than my own.

I promise

to grow along with you ...

 to be  willing to change

 in order

 to keep our relationship

 alive and exciting.

And finally my love

I promise to love you

no matter what.

To give you

 all I  have to give


 to love you

 for who you are


not what I want

you to be.


are mine

 completely and forever.


By : Zoie Chason

March 29, 1996

Page Created : Pam Gallo

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