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Once in a Lifetime Love Copyright Alice E

Once in a Lifetime Love

Alice E. Steimle



A once in a lifetime love comes along
You may never know if it's right or wrong
Yet you feel it with all your heart
Each of you sharing and loving right from the start

You must realize just how lucky you are
This dream was given by your guiding star
Perhaps you'll never know if it's true
Just keep it together, between me and you

At times you will feel your heart begin to break
Just when you want to stop the ache
It's then that you see it before your eyes
This once in a lifetime love is no disguise

You have your trials each and every day
Yet, you long for that feeling to always stay
Close to your heart, for it's really true love
It wasn't an accident; it was sent from above


Copyright Alice E. Steimle - 2004


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