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The Old Red Barn


The Old Red Barn

E.H. Coe


The old red barn, on the farm we love,
Is the home of swallows, sparrows, and doves.
Field mice, cats, bats and birds,
Rodents and animals, not seen but heard.
But this old barn, in the days gone by,
It's now filled with fresh hay, piled high
For the cattle and horses, sheep and the rest,
And I certainly think these days were the best.


For the barn in those days, was used not just seen,
Outlined  against the fields of green.
Where the farmer must have spent most of the day,
Storing the grain and piling the hay.
In winter the cold snow dripped from it's eaves,
Down on piles of wind blown leaves.
The poultry and animals all keeping warm,
Snuggled inside from the cold winter storm.
Just think of this barn what wonders it's seen,
The plows and the tractors and threshing machine.
And I'm sure this old barn, stood in a trance,
When the lively young folks, held a country dance.
So the old red barn, though it's days are through,
Stands on the rise, right in full view.
Of anyone looking for an old country scene,
The old red barn, in a setting of green.

E.H. Coe
Cut the grass, mow the weeds,
Plow the ground, sow the seeds.
Reap the harvest, when it's fair,
And pile the weeds, right over there!
Now in the fall, clean up the mess,
Now's not the time, to stop and rest.
Handle it all, with loving care,
And pile the weeds, right over there!!

E.H. Coe 1981

"Old Farm Pump"

The old wooden farm pump,
From long, long ago.
What  memories it holds in our minds.
The rusty old creak, cold water, the trough,
Makes this old pump,
One of a kind.

E.H. Coe 1981


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