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Never Love

Never Love

Ken Ellison


Night sounds fall to deaf ears
As she relives all her year's,
Another sleepless night going by
One more lonesome night to cry.

To the darkness she deeply sighs
Her mind always begging why
There was no one to share her life,
Never would she answer as wife.

Where had all the years gone?
Sweet bird of youth has flown.
No one heart to her will belong,
Now and ever she will be alone.

No one has ever sent her flowers
Or talked on the phone for hours,
No one has ever said "I love you"
Though her heart begged them to.

A few men in her life paused
But none gave new love cause,
Love always came to it's end,
Before it really could begin.

She strolls in the moonlight
Hours after midnight,
Crickets songs loudly chirr,
Stars twinkle but not for her.

Written by Kenneth J. Ellison 01-05-04


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