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Life Goes On
Alice E. Steimle 

Now that we're changing seasons, this time it's fall
I like the simple life, no changes nor chores, y'all
I like things to stay the same, but Cowboy must disagree
He's decided to paint the living room, more work for me!

I removed the crystal from the curio, put them on the table
From there they went to the dishwasher, thank God it's able
To clean everything so nice, bringing sparkle and shine
All these things were from our families, now they're mine

Taking down the pictures from every wall
Bear, get out of my way, I cannot stall
Cowboy has a lot to do, but he must wait for me
I have to wash down every wall, no spots can we see

First came the primer, and what a smell
The dogs were sneezing and coughing as well
Then came the paint, open the window, if you please
I can't stand the odor anymore, it makes me sneeze

Next came the paneling, and then finally the trim
Don't ya know, Folks, I'm so very proud of him
He's changed our little haven around, almost every room
Now all I have to do is clean up with rags and broom

Life goes on here, and we're happy to be here
The door's always opened, no matter how far or near
Y'all come to see us, and we'll welcome you with opened arm
Just ignore the dogs, cause they mean you no harm


Copyright Alice E. Steimle - 2004

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