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Let us see His Light Copyright Alice E


Let us see His Light
 Alice E. Steimle 


As the end times grow nearer, let us see His light
He shall come to us in the clouds, and all will feel His might
His wrath will strike out evil, with one swift sword
Now you must believe in Him, and hear His mighty word

Each of us has a special place where we can go in prayer
No matter what you say to Him, He'll always be there
If you want to hear Him, just simply meditate
Remember, my dear ones, it's never too late

You must listen carefully, and block out your mind
Don't listen to the music or the words of mankind
Listen with your heart, and feel Him ever near
He'll tell you everything in time, you simply must hear

It won't matter what the time is, He does not care
Your feelings of sorrow and pain, with Him you must share
Feel His warmth surround you, and you pray
Thank Him for His wondrous things He gave you today

While reading the Bible, you may simply not understand
That's when you should take a book right in your hand
Many have written stories about the End times, it's true
Know I'll be waiting at the East Gate for you

Let us listen to Him, and always see His light
He'll protect us all from all evil with His might
Feel His love abide in you today
Simply talk to Him as you begin to pray



Copyright Alice E. Steimle - 2003

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