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Heart Strings

Pulling At My Heartstrings

Lil' Angel Reb


Many things have pulled my heartstrings
emotions that are often filled with joys
Yet there are those that pull happiness
When I remember my precious and loving boys

I now think back so many times
When I was young and strong
All the wonderful and happy times we had
Now my heartstrings know we're where we belong

Now you know I love my Cowboy
He pulls my heartstrings every way
He came into my life and
I thank God for that day

He's always been my right hand
Standing by me ever so tall
With this stroke breaking my heartstrings
He's helped me and been there thru it all

Please remember me as I was
Know I love y'all with all my heart
Although my heartstrings are broken
I pray this isn't the start

This time my heartstrings have deep pain
I cannot type with a bended and twist hand
I truly feel so alone and lost
Why this happened I do not know nor understand

By : Ali

Lil' Angel Reb

Copyright July 2006
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Lil' Angel Reb


Love holds no bounds
It's profound
Enjoining us as sisters and brothers
It goes beyond forever
Those who suffer
Call upon heaven
Their cries are heard
So Angels become leaven
 To help shatter evil
Replace it with good
To fill the world with brotherhood.

It takes a minute to find a special person,
An hour to appreciate them,
A day to love them,
But then
An entire life to forget them.

Graphics By Norma Stevens

Page Created : Pam Gallo

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