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First Love


First Love

Marian Jones

I wonder where you are now
First love of long ago?
Do you ever think about me;
Do sweet memories flow?

If by chance we met again,
Would we feel the same?
Or have the passing years
Extinguished love's old flame?

Could our love have lasted,
I often question why?
For I can't recall a quarrel
Before we said goodbye.

I wish I could remember;
Bring all the past to mind.
Though best that I forget you now;
Leave memories behind.

So many years have slipped away;
Different roads we've traveled too,
Yet sometimes in my sleep
I share sweet dreams with you.

I wake up in the morning;
Your presence seems so real.
Then I travel back in time,
Recalling how I used to feel.

Copyright 2002 Marian Jones

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