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Farewell My Friend

Farewell My Friend


I am looking out at the world today,
From the top of my mountain,
How beautiful the sunset is,
All red and golden

The clouds are floating by,
And if I reach out I swear I can touch the sky!
Such a beautiful way to end this day,
Just sitting quietly watching the sky slowly fade away

So strange to think this is the end,
The last day of our friendship,
There have been too many storms
And my heart is aching.

Strange to think how it all begin,
Me saving you from yourself,
Teaching you to think about the things you say.
You've come a long way,
But the end is nigh,
And I am going away.

Oh how I remember those dark days,
When it all began
I never thought I'd have a friend again,
It was far too hard on my heart and spirit,
Far too hard on me-

I didn't need friends then,
I had my books and writings,
My forest and peace,
I had everything I needed.

Except a friend to share my dreams with,
A friend who cared about me

(Ah my lovely friend,
You saved me too.)

But the times have changed,
And the hours we share now are so few,
I know its time to let go,
We both have other things to do.

So I will sit here and watch this beautiful day end,
The way our friendship ended,
And then I will say to you,
So long, farewell my friend,
It's time I traveled on alone


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