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Do I Make You Proud

Do I Make You Proud


So Often My mind thought this

From the time that I was small

Always trying so very hard

To be Your Perfect Little Girl

Yet, I always seemed to fall short

Of what You expected of me

But I never gave up trying

To be what You wanted me to be

So many times I disappointed You

Yet , No More then I disappointed Myself

I saw that in your empty gaze

One that You could not help

Do I make You proud I thought

And the answer echoed inside of me

Although I am Your only child

I can  never be what you want me to be

Years have past and now I am grown

A Little girl no more

As I look at My sweet Little girl

The one that I adore

I do not wait for her to ask me

Mom do I make you proud

I tell her over time and again

For ,this is what love is all about

Yes  ,You make me proud I thought

Echoing loud inside of me

Yes you are My Only child

Your everything I hoped you would be.


Pam Gallo









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