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The Daughter


The Daughter

Donna De Long Matthews


Oh Momma I give all that I have
But it never seems to be enough
I don't understand
I know I am of the right stuff

The things I do
is because I love you so
Yet you twist and turn each deed
to evilness that strikes my heart with such a blow.

I give you the time that rightfully belongs
to others who need me too
but I know your time on earth is not long
and I feel the priority must be you.

Momma your words sting
which leaves my heart broken
and what am I to do
when your words are harshly spoken

Each night when I go to the Lord
giving thanks on bended knee
I ask his forgiveness
for your cutting words and hurtful deeds

Momma I am here
I love you more than you could ever know
Just wanted to be sure you understood
before the Lord decides its your time to go.


Original by

Donna DeLong Matthews
September 2004


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