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Call The Man   Copyright Alice E

Call The Man
Alice E. Steimle

When I'm feeling lonely, or perhaps a little blue
I know that I can rely on a happy note from you
When I'm down-hearted, or feeling all alone
I simply call the Man, as He'll guide me home

I've been blessed so many times over the years
I know that you're always with me in happiness or tears
I can feel your presence, even though you are not here
I can picture you always; your voice loud and clear

Now most of my family have crossed over the river
Sometimes I think of them as I begin to shiver
I may feel a little draft, or perhaps really cold
I shall always remember Mama saying, "Don't grow old"

Mama I tried, but you died before telling me how
Sometimes I feel someone pull my hair as I shout wow
During the morning, and then at night I pray
I can always call the Man, cause He's never far away



  Copyright Alice E. Steimle - 2004


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