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In Loving Memory
Of  Our Angel,
~Joshua Brian Plummer~

September  13, 1994

December 24, 1999



Sweet Josh, how hard it is to be without you. 
How hard it is to want with all our hearts to hold you. 
How hard it is to wake up every day and know 
we won't hear your sweet "Good Morning" and "I love you's". 
How hard it is to go to bed at night and know
we must do it without tucking you in or kissing you goodnight. 
How hard it is to face each new day and know 
physically you can't be apart of it.
How hard it is to listen to the silence that once held your laugh. 
But Oh, how Wonderful to know we will see you again. 
How Wonderful to know that because of a truly loving God,
we will be able to share hugs and kisses again. 
How wonderful to know that through no effort of our own, 
we only have to accept the gift that will have us together forever. 
How wonderful to know that because Jesus shed his blood 
to pay for our sins we can look forward to an Everlasting life, 
even more precious than the time we hold dear in our memories.
How wonderful to know that we will again 
hear your laugh and see your smile.
How wonderful to know that the day we had to kiss you good-bye 
was the day that Jesus held you in His arms. 
Death is not the end, Sweet Josh.  It is only the 
beginning.  So when we pray and ask Jesus to give 
you hugs and kisses from us, 
we also thank Him for the price He paid 
so that we could still have Tomorrow!
We love you, Sweetie.  And as soon as the Lord 
calls, we will hold you again.  Only then it will be 


We miss you Josh, your in our hearts Always!
Mommy, Daddy, Cassi 



Thank you, Jesus, for special people....

I want to first thank our family for all the support they have
given from day one of Joshua's "Homegoing".  They took care of things that we never could have, and gave us support even in the mist of there own pain.  Thank you Mom Pop, and family.  We love you with all of our heart.

Also, I want to thank all my wonderful friends that either I have met through my loss or were there even before.  Thank you for the love I have felt from you all.  You will never know how much your support, during this most difficult time in my life, has meant to me.  You are truly a blessing from God.  Thank you all, I love you dearly.

We are also so very thankful for the help we have had with this web page.  The loving person who has made this page possible will forever be in our hearts and prayers.  Thank you for helping us express our love for our sweet, precious Joshua.  And for doing it in such a caring manner.
You really are a gift!

Our family is so very Thankful to Bonnie for making such beautiful globes for our "Sweetie".  Thank you, Bonnie, for all the love you put into them.  God Bless you!








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