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The main hall

Welcome to the Cura ainneamhag a bith. We wish you an educational visit and a prosperous and good aisling life that may flourish into a great flame to reach stars and to be proud on your achievements.
If you want to know what this guild is about take this door.

News Deoch 32, spring:

The unofficial opening of the Cura ainneamhag a bith.
With this unofficial opening the two lores will be put available to any and all, aislings and mundanes who are in need of it. These lores are Path Planning by Shanila Nadaroidean the wandering sprite in Temuair. This lore is about planning your path during or before your chosen path. Her magical device is available in the appropriate room. The second lore is about the Sapphire Stream by Glitterilyn Spideag and Thannis. The lore will tell you about the all the things you need to know to reach the black dugon.

by Lady Dilyn of Gwen.

News Deoch 32, autumn:
By starting up an library, the release has been delayed. Although the library is far from finished, it will be open to the public anyway. From time to time books will add on to have a more complete library. Topics in red are planned to be added already, however it does not mean that it is limited to it. This time the guild doors are opened for everyone seeking knowledge.
by Lady Dilyn of Gwen.




Portals to other realms and guilds
The portal to Darkages The first portal all aislings must go through to start an aisling life.
Under construction Other portals will be build in the future after receiving a permit.



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The amount of aislings and mundanes that have visited this mystic portal are written in stone.