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My Pate Family


How Mom and Pop Met.

On September 1928, John William Pate had died, and Mom and her family had went to the funeral and she saw Pop as a 12 year old boy crying and she felt so sorry for him, that he had lost his Dad, and she looked up at her Mama and said when I get grown i'm gonna marry him. eight years later, on July 28, 1937, standing in the middle of the road in front of Ben Tolletts house, Preacher Mercer Married them.

Pop's family John William Pate"Grandpa" was born 16 August 1877 Henry, Howard County Arkansas. He married 21 May 1899 in Howard County, Arkansas.He died 16 September 1928 Henry, Howard County, Arkansas, and was buried in Bissell Chapel Cemetery near Newhope, Arkansas in Howard County. John was a store owner and farmer. John's wife was Sarah Ella Sanders "Mamaw" daughter of George Washington Sanders and Hannah Lydia Barclay. Mamaw was born 12 March 1881 at Hampton, Calhoun County, Arkansas. She died 15 September 1949 and was buried at Bissell Chapel Cemetery. When Mamaw was 12 years old she moved from Hampton to Pike City, Arkansas over in Pike County. Her family was Missionary Baptist so they went to the Baptist Church there in Pike City. Mamaw was baptizied there and also another little girl around her age that she played with was baptized also. The 2 girls both moved from there and when they got old enough to marry the strange thing was they married brothers. Mamaw married John William Pate and Nettie Sweat married James Benton "Jim" Pate. To this union of John William Pate and Sarah Ella Sanders Pate 7 children was born. (1) Bertie May Pate b. 5 March 1900 married 24 December 1916 d. 11 October 1970 married Caney William Tollett b. 3 September 1898 d. 10 March 1973 both buried Bissell Chapel Cemetery (9) children (2) Clara Pate b. 18 May 1902 married 24 December 1919 d. 19 September 1969 married Clarence Sylvester Aylor b. 9 April 1900 d. 1 September 1966. Both are buried Bissell Chapel Cemetery. (2) children (3) Jesse Rector Pate b. 31 January 1905 married 10 October 1925 d. 1 August 1979 married Lola Faye Davis b. 9 April 1906 d. 18 January 2003 (divorced) Rector buried Bissell Chapel Cemetery. Faye buried Mt Joy Cemetery, Daisy, Pike County, Arkansas. (4) children (4) Alvia Bell Pate b. 30 November 1910 married 9 April 1927 d. 20 May 1988 married William Henry Davis b. 6 April 1905 d. 24 October 1988 Both buried Mt Joy Cemetery, Daisy, Pike Arkansas. (7) children (5) Dorothy Lee Pate b. 19 May 1912 married d. 4 July 1987 married Barney Jester b. 22 June 1915 d. 10 December 1971 (divorced) Dorothy is buried Bissell Chapel Cemetery. Barney buried Liberty Cemetery, Newhope, Pike County, Arkansas. (0)children (6) William Nesbia Pate b. 1 March 1916 married 28 July 1937 d. 26 June 2003 married Nora Faye House b. 22 July 1921 Nesbia buried Bissell Chapel Cemetery. (11) children (7) Syble Dean Pate b. 13 November 1921 d. 25 April 1922. Buried Bissell Chapel Cemetery. (0)children. Caney Tollett was the son of John Benjamin Tollett and Frances (Fannie) Alabama Tidwell Clarence Aylor was the son of Thomas Aylor & Rebecca Tollett Faye Davis was the daughter of Nelson Davis & Nancy Thornton Henry Davis was the son of William Riley Davis & Martha Stone Barney Jester was the son of Nora Faye House was the daughter of Joel Ernest House & Martha Ida Pinkerton.

(A)Bertie (PATE) & Caney Tollett had 9 children

01. Ardoth Dee Tollett was born 28 January 1918

02. Austie Pauline Tollett was born 16 May 1920

03. Vera Faye Tollett was born 22 September 1922

04. Odell Tollett was born 10 August 1925

05. J B Tollett was born 20 August 1929

06. Ruby Lee Tollett was born 7 July 1932

07. Hazel Angeline Tollett was born 7 November 1934

08. Unice Mae Tollett was born 5 July 1938

09. Jessie Janette Tollett was born 24 August 1941

(B)Clara (PATE) & Clarence Aylor had 2 children

01. Inez Aylor was born 12 April 1921

02. J C Aylor was born 30 August 1925

(C)Rector Pate & Faye (DAVIS)had 4 children

01. O V Pate was born

02. Imogene Pate was born

03. J W Pate was born

04. Elbertene Pate was born

(D) Alvia & Henry Davis had 7 children Gladys Davis Marie Davis Virginia Davis Edith Davis Reece Davis Phyllis Davis Sheila Davis Dorothy Pate & Barney had no children Nesbia & Nora Faye Pate had 11 children Betty Pate 1940-1980 JW Pate Joyce Pate Elmer Pate Lisa Marie Pate 1949-1949 Glenda Pate Ronald Pate Von Pate Darryl Pate Royce Pate Boyce Pate Syble Dean Pate never married or had any children

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