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Photos and pictures of flowers and plants from various locations.   Flowers...
      Pictures of various flowers ranging from roses to wild sunflowers. Most of these pictures come from the flowers in my own backyard or from flower arrangements on temple grounds. Flowers are one of my favorite things to photograph, simply because flowers are beautiful by themselves, and I don't have to do anything except for press the button to capture their beauty.
      Pictures of various sceneries across the western United States. Pictures include the Seattle space needle, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Shasta, California beaches and many other beautiful places. Most of the pictures have come from family vacations in the past few years.
Photos and pictures of sceneries, including mountains, beaches, tourist spots and vacation places.
Photos and pictures taken with black and white film. Black & White...
      Pictures taken in black and white film. I have taken many pictures of people in black and white as well, but those can be found in the 'people' section.
      Pictures of various people, pets, and animals that I have taken. Some pictures include friends, engaged couples, nephews, my cat and even a praying mantis.
Photos and pictures of people taken with both color as well as black and white film.
Other miscellaneous pictures.  They include the flag of the United States of America, a beehive, golf, etc. Other...
      Miscellaneous pictures taken in color. Pictures include the flag of the U.S.A., a praying mantis, a bee hive, golfing, and others.

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