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The ONE question the internet has yet to answer...

The Drinking bird clip from the Simpsons episode "Brother, Can you spare two dimes?" that PROVES that is was NOT in that episode of the simpsons!

Null Rod Card

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Script Links- Just so you don't have to look
Real Genius
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The Star Trek TNG Episode that got mentioned a couple of times- Episode 29 "Elementary my Dear Data"
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Monty Python Scripts
Back to the Future 1
Back to the Future 2&3

11/06/05- A full year later, and still not satisfied, I've gone back to working on this page. Why? Who knows. As you can see, the amount of effort I'm putting into it is minimal.
30/06/04- I made this page. Attempted to add the drinking bird clip. This page is merely to catch up those who have not been following the year-long IMDB thread the whole time.(I'm pretty sure that's where it started) I'll keep adding stuff that has been ruled out- possibly some scripts. Mainly just the ones that everyone keeps mentioning.

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