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Who Is This Woman

The clouds give way to morning sun
She begins the race that she must run.
The morning light engulfs her soul
How long its been since she's felt whole.
Her life has changed just overnight
Another day, a whole new fight.

She never knows what lies ahead -
Long nights alone, long days in bed.
Medications lined up she must take
Pains in rest cause her to wake.
She's grown old, beyond her years
A mirror's glance brings her to tears.
Her hair falls out, her skin is old;
Her face feels hot, her hands feel cold.
Tingling nerves, sharp cramps in bed
A full, tight feeling inside her head
Sleep disturbed, true rest is rare;
Fainting spells gives her a scare.
Her bones are sore, her muscles weak
At times she knows not how to speak
Her heart, once strong, is weakened now
She'll take a breath if life allows.
Allergic to the strangest things;
Dizzy, faint, her hearing rings
Her vision changes by the day -
Thought much of it has gone away
At risk for cancers and disease
Who knows how long her life will be?

Who is this woman?
Who could she be?
It's no longer a secret -
She's You and Me
She's many women, made into one,
Joined together by the damages done,
Of a drug that was supposed to heal
The only cure we thought was real.
A last resort for all our pain,
Yet our only hope caused life-long rain.
"Side effects" that never go away
A living hell throughout our days.
It's a punishment that we have never earned
The fear gets worse with more we learn.
This drug is with us, dusk to dawn
What's its name? It's called Lupron

A drug doctors thought was safe for us
In them we placed our lives and trust.
Perhaps they didn't know the truth
Of the damages this drug would produce.
How we wish we could return to that day,
When we unknowingly gave our lives away.
We would have been better to take nothing at all -
It was never a treatment - just a short stall.
Illness often returns at the treatment's end,
Adding insult to injury - and a new thing to mend

We don't know where the road will lead
Despite all that we hear and read
We do not know what the future holds
Who knows what will happen when we've truly grown old?
If we're even so fortunate to make it there,
Past risks of disease and cancer scare?
Who knows what will happen ten years down the line?
Who knows about tomorrow? I suppose, only time.
We may not live to see our children grow -
Will Lupron hurt them? We do not know.
Will we end up in wheelchairs, or permanently blind?
Will people support us, or leave us behind?
Will doctors know more about what they can do
To treat our ailments... for even a few?

Nothing will ever take this away -
It's here for life - it's here to stay.
Our lives are changed, forevermore
And we don't know what lies in store.
Our only hope is that they will find
A cure for our illnesses, in time.
All we can do is hope and pray
That soon we'll see a brighter day.
And try to spread the world around
Of the damages we've had, and information we've found
So we can help spare others of the pain
And pull some sunshine from beyond the rain.
It's our hopes, that one day at last
Lupron will be a thing of the past
That a cure for our suffering will be found.
Together, we will always stand our ground
So not one more woman will have to find
Herself wishing desperately, to go back in time.
To see the light when it's too late
And be forced into a life of unsure fate.

Who is this woman?
She's You and Me.
Many hearts joined together -
One day, hoping to be free.

(c)2001 Kas