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Littlewood Geodesic Domes

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Plans Available for US$ 100: reply with "Plans" in subject heading to

Or phone (780) 352-2569. VISA, MC, Personal Cheques accepted

Tourism; Dining facility

Yellowknife, Alberta

Community; Winter Carnival

Ottawa, Ontario

80' Dia. Shelter for Renovation/Construction

Portland, Oregon

Residential; Garage

Duverney, Alberta

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Littlewood Geodesic Domes offers spacious low cost relocatable shelters. Built from your choice of galvanized steel tubing or construction grade 2x4s or 2x6's bolted to plywood joiner plates, they offer a rigid weather tight shelter that can be erected in one or two days.

Why a Geodesic Dome?

  1. Solid
  2. Efficient
  3. Open floor space
  4. High ceiling

1. The dome shaped structure is extremely rigid when anchored to the ground, yet weighs less than 1000lb including the cover.

2. Only 120 2x4's or 2x6'sare required to build the walls and roof of this rigid shelter.
3. A geodesic dome roof means no support pillars. Arrange your work area as you wish on an open floor almost 40 ft in diameter.

4. Unlike a conventional garage package with 8ft walls and conventional trusses, our domes give a 16 ft high vaulted ceiling. Try turning a 4x8 sheet of plywood about on end or working with a 12 ft ladder in a conventional garage.

Why a Littlewood Geodesic Dome?

  1. easy to build
  2. low cost
  3. transportable

1. We have made it easy to build with color-coded pieces that bolt together, red to red, green to green etc. Hand tools and a 10ft section of scaffold are all you need to build our kit.

2. The 37' diameter frame kit in premium grade wood is available from $1250 US. and the tailor fit cover made of 6 oz. woven polyethylene is $1300 US. Flame retardent material PVC/Polyester is $2600 US. Steel frame is $2000 US for the 37' diameter size

3. Disassembled, any of these packages will fit in the back of a 3/4 ton truck.

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Visit Hawkins Hawaii Dome with removable panorama windows.

Visit Wild Blueberry Land. Their 5v 50' plywood covered dome serves as a sales center and kitchen for "worlds best blueberries and blueberry pies!"

Last Updated February 2005

For more information, contact us at:
Littlewood Geodesic Domes
9141 - 153 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5R 1P5

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