Dream of me if you dare,
Black satin and lace, but beware,
Boots and leather I also wear,
When you find out will you care?

Secrets lie beneath my breasts,
Soft and tender on my chest,
Untold fantasies belong to me,
Sexual favors never came to be.

Will you be the one to find,
The truth that lies on the other side,
Passion dripping between my thighs,
Secret longings in the dark of night.

You've now begun to suspect it's me,
The one you long for in your exctasy,
Secret lovers all through the night,
Soft caresses to bring you sheer delight.

Are you ready to learn that I can be,
What you want and need to see,
Hotter than your dreams have seen,
I have the lock and you have the key.


So Dream Of me If You Dare....