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JOY IN THE MORN'...poetic inspirations of God

Poetry from God is a Gift to....

My Favorite Web Sites

Poetry of fave place to buy Christian poetry books & submit poems!
Discover the poetry of a truly beautiful teen martyr, Rachel Joy Scott...
Jesus exactly that! Stuff all about Jesus...
Don't know Jesus?....Find out who he really is right now...
Meet the man who prayed the Prayer of Salvation with our President!
Conquering Cancer Through Christ-Hope Ministry...this is a beautiful site!!!
Celebrate Jesus!
Christian Stories.Com....This site has something for everyone!
Christian America...Discover where it all really began with our Fore-fathers!
Another beautiful tribute to Rachel Joy Scott!
Come & visit my featured page of poetry @ Jesus Stuff, thanks Sean!

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Psalm 30:5 ...Weeping may endure for a night, But joy cometh in the morning...