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Angal Kavya Darpan - Reviews

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Shree Mansukhlal Zaveri wrote
"I have gone through the rendering into Gujarati of some of the sonnets of Shakespeare by Shri (Mahmad) Rupani, and found it to be lucid and quite readable. Mr. Rupani has been able to enter into the spirit of the Bard, and bring it out in Gujarati in an admirable way. Mr. Rupani's labour of love is in my opinion, a valuable contribution to Gujarati literature, in as much as it is the first of its kind"

Shree Yashwant Shukle wrote
"I was highly elated to know that a lone poet in a far distant land had carried on the torch of Gujarati poetry in the midst of unfavourable circumstances. / He has translated into Gujarati the Sonnets of Shakespeare, which is something remarkable, because these sonnets engage the attention of a limited class of Shakespearean scholars; secondly, because the personal (breath) and obscure allusions in it make the Sonnets rather unapproachable for one who hails from a different culture; thirdly, poetry, at least highly subjective poetry, is untranslatable. However, Shri Rupani has taken up the challenge, for, a poet, according to him, can make bold to achieve the impossible. / His is a free rendering, representative in character, and yet revealing the latent potentialities of Gujarati language"

Review by Shree Yassin Dalal