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Mahebub Rupani

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Sampling the Kalahari Hoodia diet Comments

My cousin, Amin, wrote:

"I saw a BBC World documentary on the subject and one of the things that the documentary brought out is that, since the media publicised the controversy, the hoodia plant has also been stolen by poachers who have sold it on to smaller pharmaceutical companies. In addition, some of the companies that are selling products claiming to contain Hoodia on the Internet are merely cashing in by lying to people desperate to become thin painlessly: The BBC tested one of the products (Lipodrene) and found it contained no hoodia at all.

"The interesting thing about the advert that accompanies the articles is that it doesn't say what proportion of the company's profits (if any) are going to the San people. I can't help thinking that the company has also either stolen the plant from the San people or is lying to customers about the nature of its product. The articles, which are perfectly truthful, are being used to give the impression that it is doing a service to humanity by making the product available immediately."