The Green Pajamas

Winter Of '23

Winter of 23 it snowed like a bastard Doom rolled in stiff from the north Mama started praying early For God to keep her family warm Daylight of the second morning Daddy died of a heart attack Quarter mile up the road Seth and I drug him back Seth was big just like daddy He dug a hole six foot down We stood for a while in the swirling snow Then covered him up with the frozen ground Late that night our [servant] girl named Sally Said she pittied Seth and I so badly That she wanted to give us all the love she could Just like she used to do with daddy Oh Sally Sally please Won't you stop haunting me I sit sometimes in the old oak tree Just wondering what you're doing By the fifth day there was no more color nothing out there but blinding white Mamma was talking of the days of judgement Said, The Lord was coming down tonight That night we sat by the fire in silence Except for Seth's mournful violin He was older and he seemed less bothered By mamma's apocoliptic visions By the seventh day the sun was shining Melting the snow away Sarah from the next farm over Came to see if I could play Sarah was pretty and blonde and freckled Always wore a checkered shirt Sometimes in the heat of summer She'd let me peek under her skirt Oh mamma mamma tell me please Why won't she marry me I sat all day in the old oak tree Praying for forgiveness Oh Sarah Sarah please Why won't you marry me I sit sometimes in the old oak tree Just wondering what your doing _____________________ by Jeff Kelly (c) 1985 Half The World Publishing BMI