The Green Pajamas

The Red, Red Rose (Song for Phoebe Prince)

So, nevermore to see the sunrise And nevermore the ocean wild And not to taste the snow of morning On the tongue of one so mild And nevermore your eyes in laughter That lately held but only tears That lately gazed with only sorrow Across a life of so few years One January afternoon They killed you in your school clothes As sure as winter's cruel hands Clutch and kill the red, red rose So, lost we are to ever hold you Lost forever, thanks to those Who built your gallows just as sure As the first freeze kills the red, red rose _______________________ by Jeff Kelly (c) 2010 St. Brigid Publishing BMI
Written in the style of an old Irish ballad and based on the sad story of Phoebe Prince, who committed suicide following intense bullying from schoolmates in Massachusetts in January 2010.