The Green Pajamas

Sweet Moth

Along the edge of the desert wash You can really get blown away My lungs and eyes are the only thing That move with the jagged flame Holy Christ it's back again This God dammed Tucson rain chorus: There's a sweet moth on a hydrant While the hotel's up in flames And it flies off with the migrants Who have fled the desert blaze Along the fence are a couple of kids With a smile and a two dollar face You can tell by the dust on their corn cob heads They really don't care anymore Holy Christ it's back to this Sage blown desert place chorus Along the edge of the desert wall You can really get lulled away The radio's on and the oil spilled And the flame runs up my leg Holy Christ it's back again It's written all over your face chorus _______________________________ Written by Eric Lichter c-2001 Eric Lichter, BMI From the Green Pajamas album 'This Is Where We Disappear'