The Green Pajamas

She Took A Long Cold Look

She took a long cold look at me and smiled and gazed all over my arm she loves to see me get down to ground she hasn't time just to be with me her face between all she means to be to be extreme, just to be extreme a broken pier on the wavy sea she wonders why for all she wants to see But I got up and I stomped around and hid the piece where the trees touch the ground The end of truth that lay out the time spent lazing here on a painting dream a mile or more in a foreign clime to see farther inside of me And looking high up into the sky I breathe as the water streams over me _______________________ Recorded by the Green Pajamas for a Syd Barrett tribute double LP titled, "ASYD Vinyl, A Tribute To Syd Barrett" on Krank Records (Norway) 2000 'She Took A Long Cold Look' by Syd Barrett Published by Lupus Music Inc. album review