The Green Pajamas

Last Days Of Autumn

When I was a little boy I thought I was a genius And when we kissed the other night I thought no one had seen us I look back on the things I've done I wish I was still that clever And I wish we could do the things we did but love doesn't last forever We take a walk down by the sea where little boys play in the sand It seems so real this moment you say I love you and hold my hand But the days are getting short and my dreams will fade soon it will be winter And the noise and clutter inside my head is so loud I can not bear it A spider drops down from the ceiling and lands on my girlfriends painted lips Though they taste like mine her hair smells of my best friend's cigarettes You hated me for loving you in the last days of Autumn Now everyone feels threatened by love I hope I can love again _______________________ (c) 1984 Ross Lyrics by Joe Ross (third verse line 1 & 2 from a poem by B.S. Larson) from the Green Pajamas album "Happy Halloween"