The Green Pajamas


Some of their ghosts haunt the high school Some of their children go there Some are dark and unfathomable Others are fragile and fair Girls in cream blouses with wrecked hearts Live in cold houses of stacked cards With look-alike babies in back yards What will become of them Some of them do meditation Some of them organize bazaars Some take too much medication Others one too many cars Middle-aged women in dream homes Taste lawyers semen and sea foam Live by a soundtrack of tone poems What will become of them Oh what will become of them Love can be pent up and restless Love can just setup the reckless Love can be cruel and sexless Take a murderous toll On the defenseless soul Some of them sit by the seaside Waiting for doctors to call Some of them live on the eastside And many will die in the fall Women with gray hair and tan skin Drinking away their depression Wondering if they'll ever love again Oh what will become of them What will become of them What will become of them -------------------- (c) 1989 Jeff Kelly / Half The World Publishing, BMI