The Green Pajamas

I Feel Like A Murder

In a deep dark corner in the cold of my skull Where anger and pain and heartache dwell I see your big wide eyes burning in Hell But I wouldn't be the kind of man to send her I'd have to be the kind of man to mend her But I don't really want to mend anyone at all I'd rather throw the whore up against the wall But I'd be too strong or I'd be too tall I'd take my sword and run it right through her But I don't think that would even do her I wonder who's ghost lives in this place Torturing and taunting and haunting me Making me say things that I don't mean She never even gave me cause to hurt her Then why is it I feel like a murder Summer of lust, summer so blue Not much to offer, nothing much to do I need a new place to live and a new pair of shoes Said she's coming over like a flirter And underneath I feel like a murder She said that I was sexually over the hill But that ain't no reason for me to want to kill But someone has to pay and somebody will But it won't be me who does the collecting I was only just reflecting _______________________ (c) 1984 Kelly Lyrics by Jeff Kelly from the album, "Summer Of Lust"