The Green Pajamas

High Waving Heather

The scarecrow dances through the storm all self-possessed and mad Why does she thrill me with her form so strange and loosely clad I count the rows of buttons, feel the fiber- silken, soft As the rain melts it away like snow instead of cloth chorus: Out here in the high waving heather Out here in the high waving heather I want to hold your cruelty up against the starry night And watch it fall across the face that burns in the moonlight I want to feel the body that no man could ever hold I want to clutch your sunburnt wrists And bind your chainless soul chorus There are those that want to change us, save us from ourselves And they would have us see the light and blind us with their help But evil does as evil will, we neednít an excuse The changeling and his apparition set the wild dogs loose chorus _________________________ Written by Jeff Kelly c-1999 St. Brigid Publishing, BMI