The Green Pajamas


Jennyís got the scars of loveís labour crossed on her wrists She said Iíve got an echo in my head like a wail in the wind, talk me out of this Third timeís a charm, donít say I didnít warn you It must have been when I was a child, my father turned from my eyes My motherís happiness is saved in a picture, looks like a smiling stranger Trouble comes in threes, and this oneís for me I have this dream, my lovers lined up like stations of the cross I kneel before each one of them, and wonder what was lost The mysteries they spoke of, and left me to weep of She said Iíve got an echo in my head makes me repeat what Iíve said and done She looks up to nowhere, looks down at her wrists, talk me out of this _______________________________ Written by Laura Weller Copyright 1993