The Green Pajamas

Cold Love

Left my heart with the ocean, Left my hat at the door Made my peace with Mona, Made cold love on the floor The wood was rough and dirty Like the sliver in my heart And like the sea outside her window, There was no finish or start Once one warm summer evening, She, with her queer cat eyes, Told me a secret over whisky While we watched the moon rise And Mona told me she'd murdered That high school kid Donny White Though there was no blood to speak of, The moon glowed red that night She broke my heart once too many, Her fingernails broke my skin, Though I swore I won't go back there Here I go again Still taste the salt on Mona From a day in the sun So yeah, I'm driving back down to see her I don't care what she's done I'll leave my heart with the ocean, I'll leave my hat at the door I'll make my peace with Mona, We'll make cold love on the floor _______________________ by Jeff Kelly (c) 2006 St. Brigid Publishing BMI