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Welkome to
Roy's Kustom Komputers
Flee Market Items

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Spayshul note frum webmaster, Live Bait McKinney:
This hyere page wuz copied shamelessly when I first saw it on account of hit wuz the funniest thang I ever did see til that time. Now, I see that Roy's original page has dun bin yanked down frum Geocities by the pires that bee. But (and this is a big butt) in continual remembrance of Roy's contributions to the Komputer bidness, I dun ree-loaded the page hyere fer yore approval... or not. Hit is jest hyere fer infermashunal purposes and don't y'all bee de-fringing the copyrahts ex cetra, hyear! Fer futher infermation about this page, e-mail me at:

"Sum peoples sees thangs as they is, and ask ,Why?
I sees thangs as they is and go, HUH?"

New! It Might Be A Redneck Komputer If...

Top Ten Ways To Be A Financial Genius!

Letter Fum My Mama!

The 10 Commandments (translated)

The Official Roy98 Basic Electrician's Exam!

Roy's Quotes for the day!
A mind is a terrible thang, and it must be stopped in our lifetime"

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Roy98 is here!
Order yore copy today!

Roy's Kustom Komputers and Flee Market Items is located in

Roy can now kustom build yore system like you want it.
Mix & match parts and save!! TRS 80 mother bored, Pentium
processor with overdrive (struts too), Mac soffwhere only $39.95!!!
Roy can even install yore system at yore place, on blocks or
even inside!!!

Check out Roy's new factory in beautiful West "God Awful" Virginia!
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This new plant replaced our old one which cawt far during a lightnin storm

Replace that boring Win95 Start sound with the new Roy98 Start sound. Klick to hear it!

All Roy98 Komputers come wit a 90 second Warr-Un-Tee

Komputer Related Items

Item #1 Roy98- A complete guide on the 98 ways known by me to destroy a komputer! Only $2.95
Item #2 Dead 486 Vl-Bus Mainboard with Intel DX4-100 CPU. Only $19.95 (comes with free copy of Roy98)
Item #3 Software on CD Rom! Roy's guide to diggin' Ramps! Only $9.95 (comes with free copy of Roy98)
Item #4 Cashee Memory Only $10.00 each (not sure what they do, but the name sounds good)
Item #5 Roy's Kustom PC Speakers! Klick here for a sound check! Only $14.95 fer 2 of em'
Item #6 Possum Hide Mouse Pads with Roy98 Logo. Only $4.95

Roy's Research and Development Area
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Confused by them Komputer terms- Click Here.

Flee Market Items
Item #1 Roy's Guide on how to pick up women. Only $2.95 (hint, did you know that the best place to pick up a women is at yore family reunion!)
Item #2 How to rip-off the Social Service System. A step by step guide on how to git FREE MONEY!
Only $2.95 Order Today, supplies are limited!!!
Item #3 How to git great flee market items for free by digging in other peoples trash! Only $2.95
A little short on cash? Use Roy's easy kredit plan. Just fill out the kredit application to apply fer kredit with Roy's Kustom Komputers and Flee Market Items

order[1].jpg (12400 bytes) Hi,
My name is Lulu. I'm your kustomer service rep here at Roy's Kustom Komputer and Flee Market Items. If you have any questions concerning yore recent order, feel free to give me a call.
delivery.gif (13595 bytes) Roy's Kustom Komputer and Flee Market Items, now offering free delivery with any purchase by our new state of the art transportation system. Most orders are received in 6 months or less. Call fer more details on this new, exciting service.

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Roy and Lulu are fictional characters. Any similarity to anyone living or dead is coincidental.