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Im from England but moved to Canada in 1989 and loved it ever since. I've lived in New Brunswick but currently live in Nova Scotia. I love writing poetry and listening to music, its what keeps me going sometimes. My Parents met in England, my mother is English and my father is Canandian and so I have the best of both worlds. I work full time for a company which is great. I used to work for Ponderosa Steak House and was there almost five years but left to work for Grand lake Timber.

I love the Pink Panther, I think he is the most underated cartoon in the history of television.

This quoted from a girl friend of mine!

"well you are very kind, and very very funnny you genually care about people and will help them out in every way that you can, you are very intouch with how to treat a are very sweet and good hearted and very want the best for your friends and loved ones you have very good taste in music and movies you are not fake at all you say things like it is and i respect that totally."

What women want?

I believe that a woman needs a man to confide in and to trust. To be there for them during days of good and bad with a romantic side and a positive mental attitude. Above all understanding. (My opinion)

My ICQ NUMBER IS---145582179(I'm all ears)

My Favourite Movies